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I was a student from Jan. 2003 to June 2004 at Katherine Gibbs College.

During that time, I accumulated debt from this school. Recently, I found out that this school closed down, it's no longer Katherine Gibbs. This debt still remains in my credit report. I never received a letter or a phone call stating this occurrence (school closing). I wrote Katherine Gibbs a letter stating that I was unable to pay because the school was closing and I was uninformed of where to send the payments to. Each time that I would call the school, I received no answer. I even went there in person and they never took care of me. I believe I was overcharged tuition. I was told from the school I only owed $4000.00 and they are saying I owe over $7000.00. Because of the fact I was never told about this school closing and changing the payment route, I feel this debt should be removed from my credit report to avoid default. I want to continue my education, but because of this debt, it's very difficult for me to pursue a further education. This has caused physical and mental issues because I want to better myself and this matter is making it hard for me to.

Economic - I am in debt and because of this debt, I cannot afford further education

Physical - mental stability undetermined.

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I always tell people, go to "city" "State" college.Those places are BUSINESSES not colleges.

They NEED your money and the money you borrow to go to those wastes of time are special loans that don't go away. Many of those majors are only semi legit.

It is amazing how bad this sector of education is.Over all private college graduation is like 3% if you include those who start but stop after 1 or 2 quarters.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #313557

What action? NONE, Just worry about your credit report, and do not pay a penney ever again to the school, or a collection agency.Out of busines is out of business


what action can i take.

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